Stunning (well, stunningly modest) prize for our monthly (well, sporadic) quiz.  First three all-correct responses received will entitle the winners to a 500cl carafe of wine with their next meal at Kaminaki.
  1. What does kaminaki mean?
  2. What is soon to be built opposite Kaminaki?
  3. What tune did The Shadows write about Stockton after performing at The Globe?
  4. Of which island is sofrito a speciality?
  5. What is the main ingredient of melitzanosalata?
  6. Why is our Poseidon's Feast so called?
  7. Who Is the current president of Greece?
  8. What gift did Athena give to Athens?
  9. Which is the largest Greek island?
  10. How many stripes are there on the Greek flag?

Answers, please, by e-mail, phone or any way you want.