The word καμινακι (kaminaki) means a little kiln or oven.  It is quite a common name for a little, cosy, family taverna in Greece.  We had a restaurant on Corfu called Kaminia (big oven) - hence Kaminaki here in Cleveland.

New pictures will be coming soon.

Το καμινακι μας - Our Kaminaki

Imagine you're sitting outside in Greece

on a balmy Summer's evening

watching Tony at work in the kitchen preparing your lovely food. You can see all the way in - it's a proper Greek taverna kitchen!  (This is a very old photo - Tony is now older, fatter and has less hair!)

Greeks feel at home at Kaminaki - so will you!

Family/works parties, romantic dates, jolly get-togethers with friends - everybody loves the Kaminaki experience